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Mission and values

Travel is not a place that far away from home, it is a state of the soul. Our mission is to give everybody opportunity to live like travel anywhere, like far countries, seas, mountains or home town. We want to have in every major city of the world a place, where anybody can come and get full, the most actual information about the region from the same like him (or her) travellers, try meals of local cuisine and already favorite and known dishes, book a ticket and tour for tomorrow at another part of the world, find friends, fellows and place for sleep. For everybody to know that he or she is not the only one who discovers the world and enjoy it, that there are many similar and at the same time different fellows who share the values and see the world different - opened, friendly and authentic.

Our values are authenticity, openness, faith to the Dream, complicity.

Authenticity. Everybody has the mission, the one for which we were born. And we can be selfrealized in the best way only in that. Our task is to help everybody, member of our team, our client or guest, to find this mission and to live it every day.

Openness. We make many our own projects, and we are happy to collaborate and participate in other projects, ideas and dreams. We are open for critics, new people and  fresh ideas.

Faith to the Dream. The one that make possible any impossibilities and lets any dreams come true. Every of us goes by the own way to the Dream, creating this way on your own, making choices to the dream every day, every moment.

Complicity. Doing one big deal and uniting - everybody by their own possibilities - we create the New. And we are happy about it,

Join us!