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Best things to do at Baikal in January

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Baikal has two popular tourist seasons. The first one, obviously, is in summer (which is by the way quite hot in East Siberia, but we’ll talk about it later). The second one is in winter. And you you will be surprised, but it’s much more fun!

The best time to start you winter journey is mid-January. You may ask – why? Since winters in Siberia are very long.
Fair enough! But it’s January, when Baikal finally freezes and you can take a walk on the surface of the deepest lake of the planet.

And here is our list of the most fascinating activities at Baikal in January.

Want to touch Baikal ice with your own feet? Then ice trekking is the best option for you. Sometimes quiet vast icy wilderness is everything you need to reset your mind.

Olkhon island, which is amazing in any season and weather, deserves special mention. This magical place is obligatory to visit if you want to see the best of Baikal views, nature, Buryat culture and much more.

Ice fishing is perfect for those who love slow and measured vacations. No rush, just you and your quite hunt.

Fond of horses? Try horseback riding in snowy taiga, one-horse sleigh or legendary Russian troika-sleigh. Hard to say which one is better!

Talking about rides… dog sled riding tour with a picnic in the middle of the frozen lake is just what you need if you think that there’s nothing that can amaze you!

If you’re into faster rides, we’ve got some strong snowmobiles to conquer those snow plains and mountain passes.

Want to add more comfort and horsepower? Then you’ll love a journey on a hovercraft. This amphibious is capable of traveling over ice, snow and water, which make it safe and comfortable for groups up to 9 people.

Still not enough? Then you definitely should try ice skating or bicycle riding. Though these two are quite extreme and requires some preparation!

So, which one will you choose?

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