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International tours

We invite everybody to share the travel with us. During creation of these expeditions, we are guided by the following principles:

  • These travels and expeditions are made "as for us". That means with love, interest and understanding of what we want to get and to live. All itineraries are unique and never repeat entirely.
  • Maximum number of people in one group - 12 members, including the guide. That gives mobility and opportunity for contact with every expedition member. Language of travel is English/Russain - everywhere.
  • We travel not as tourists but as travellers. Itinerary includes interesting sights that do not have crowds of people. That gives possibility to see the country from different angle, from the inside.
  • All itineraries are different and very saturated, they allow to experince different edges of the travel. That could be expedition, active leisure, beach vacation, safari, soul and intellectual tourism.
  • Itineraries are optimized by the cost and time, but we did not want to make it "super-cheap". Good-value ratio "Price/Quality" - that's what was driving us.
  • Travellers are free people, and the itinerary could be changed based on desire of team members (before start)
  • We also travel by home regions. We believe that travel is a certain state of soul and impressions, which we can get not only far away from home, but also very close to it. You do not have to spend a lot of money and time for that. Our itineraries allow to dive into real travel adventure even for a couple of days. Join us! 

For this moment, you can explore and join to trips and expeditions listed in Russian website version.

TransAsia (China-Tibet-Nepal- Thailand) Mt Kailash Kora
USA Big Road Trip Uzbekistan


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TransAsia (China-Tibet-Nepal-Thailand)
Travel to Tibet and Mt. Kailash Kora
Africa and Peak of Kilimanjaro