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We love Siberia and Lake Baikal! And we are sure that only in such way we can discover this land to our guests. When organizing, creating, and guiding all these tours, we are guided by the following principles:
  • It is honor to have guests at your home. That is why our standards are high, and our guides are always ready to solve any problem. We are happy to help to discover this beautiful land to foreigners. And high service does not mean high price.
  • All our tours are organized in the way to keep our environment and save it for the next generations. Moreover, part of our profit we send to environmental protection and regions' development.
  • We are official travel company with tour operator listed in United Federal Tour Operators Database license No MBT 015126, which means no-worries responsible trips for everybody. We perform constant quality control by feedbacks from every tour.
  • We guarantee the most reasonable prices for our offers. We have single price for the most popular tours without minimal required number of participants. Check "Guaranteed price" section at tour pages!
  • Despite of clearly made itineraries, we
    always can change it by your wish. A real travel means a real freedom of movement and perception.
  • We can help you at the preparation stage. We've made useful article with tips for everyone who is going to Siberia. Also we can help you to consult by phone, e-mail or Skype. We also keeping our FAQ Page updated. You will find answers there to most of your questions about tours.
Our tours to Lake Baikal

We have created special everyday tours from one to three days, available all year round, each season of the year they are beautiful in its own way. We believe that these tours will help you to see and exlore more of this amazing region.

Also we offer special ongoing tours, available only during one season. summer and winter tours for 5-14 days. We can organize all of them as private. Explore Siberia with us!

Everyday tours
from 1000 rub
  • Available all seasons and always great
  • Include all popular destinations in Irkutsk region
  • Have reasonable price and high quality
  • Also could be booked at best hostels and hotels of Irkutsk
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Summer Tours
from 2000 rub
  • Summer in Siberia is always a small, but whole life. It is good time for travelling around Lake Baikal.
  • You can swim, tan, hike, ride a bike or climb a mountain.
  • Or go rafting, trekking, visit dormant volcanoes or grasslands
  • Every time enjoying Siberian hospitality and traditions
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Winter Tours
from 2000 rub
  • Winter is amazing at Lake Baikal.
  • It is cold, but not as much as many people think. Feel Siberian frost on your own experience!
  • Walk or ride on Baikal ice, see cosmic icicles at Cape Khoboy, visit hot mineral springs with beautiful views to snow peaks.
  • Every time having a warm welcome despite of temperature outside
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We also offer you to visit and stay at our great guesthouse in Irkutsk! Continue trip by Transsiberian? Enjoy our great tours in Ulan-Ude!
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