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Tour to Ivolginsky Temple and Old-Believers Village

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Main stages
  • Enjoy the capital of Buryatia, Ulan-Ude
  • Visit the biggest buddhist monastery in Russia
  • Bell to the monk's body which is alive for several hundred years due to deep meditation
Tour duration 7 hours (10:00—17:00)
Transportation Car/van
Description This tour will give your understanding of buddhist Russian nomadic and spiritual life. You will start with the 1-hour tour around Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia republic. You will see the world's biggest Lenin's Head and historical part of the town. Then you will depart to the biggest buddhist temple in Russia, Ivolginsky Temple, which highlight for sure is a body of monk, who died almost a hundred years ago but still alive (at least partly, which is proved by different scientists). You will see buddhist university, have a chance to get a forecast for your future (marriage, business deal, or a blessing for a great trip - all possible for lamas - buddhist monks and teachers). Schedule
  • 10:00
    Departure from Ulan-Ude Pick-up from any place in Ulan-Ude, city tour. First we will visit to main hightlight of the town, the world's largest Lenin's Head. It is located in the very central area, and your guide will show you "zero" kilometer of Republic of Buryatia, Opera Theater and Promenade street. You will see wooden architecture of the city and see its unique features.
    • 11:30
      Visit to Rinpoche Bagsha Buddhist Temple and Viewpoint We stop at very scenic area of Ulan-Ude at Lysaya (Bold) Mountain Hill and visit one of the newest temples here.
    • 12:30
      Arrival to the temple and tour around Tour around the temple (which is huge and even has its own university) with a local monk
    • 13:30
      Temple of Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov Visit to the temple with the body of the deep-meditating monk Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, which gives special feelings and memories. You can also donate a prayer scarf for a good luck there
    • 14:00
      Free time at the monastery You can spend some more time at the monastery. Also there are good cafes with traditional Buryat meals.
    • 15:00
      Departure to Ulan-Ude
    • 16:00
      Arrival to Ulan-Ude We will drop you off at any requested place of the city.
    Price and Notes:
    1 person - 4000 rub
    2 people - 3000 rub per person
    3 people and more - 2500 rub per person
    7 people and more - 2000 rub per person
    10+ people - ask for a special price!

    Price includes all transfers and guide service as per itinerary, entrance to the Ivolginsky temple, tour around Old-Believers family museum and church, lunch and folk performance. Due to high demand, old-believers' folk performance could be arranged as a joined group. No hidden costs. Please take on long-sleeve pants/dress for the temple!
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