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52°17’ is a team of people, that know and love Baikal Lake and Eastern Siberia. Everyday we strive for our mission to make your Baikalian trip a memorable experience, full of interesting impressions, and really care to make our tours empower you to reach new personal heights and fill you with the energy of the lake for years to come.

We have vast experience that allows us to organize both short trips that compress the most important places and experiences into fast-paced tours with perfect logistics, and full-fledged multiday tours that let you enjoy Baikalian beauty and tranquility at its most.
We’re happy to live in such a wonderful place as Lake Baikal is, and helping out other people see its beauty! That’s why whe think that a true trip to Baikal starts in Irkutsk, and 52/17 is the geographical coordinate of our city. Welcome to Irkutsk and Baikal!